Taurus and Venus - Occult Lovers’ Forever Heart Pendant -...

Taurus and Venus
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 Lily Loves Me  by PeyLu

 Lily Loves Me
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Alphabet Art  Y is for Yummy by PeyLu

Y is for Yummy 
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XOX Clay Heart Pendant  by 2ndHouse

XOX Clay Heart Pendant
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phytos: Aida Studio - Milky Wave, 2012

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eatsleepdraw: Red fox by ephemeraa.tumblr.com

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Mies van der Rohe Tubluar Brno Chair  by PeyLu

Tubluar Brno Chair
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Neighbourhood Watch - Original Miniature Painting - Funny Bunny...

Neighbourhood Watch
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Alphabet Art D is for Demure by PeyLu

D is for Demure 
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 John  by PeyLu

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Mine, All Mine  by FoundARTvision

Mine, All Mine
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Alphabet Art  Z is for Zen  by PeyLu

Z is for Zen

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Antique Lincoln Automobile Hub Cap - Ford Motor Co - Detroit USA...

Antique Lincoln Automobile Hub Cap
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LOVE LIVE - Anniversary - Birthday - Valentine - Friendship -...

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Alphabet Art  U is for Unique  by PeyLu

U is for Unique
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 X is for XO XO  by PeyLu

 X is for XO XO

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Antique Automobile Hub Cap - Essex Motors Detroit USA - Circa...

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 It’s Raining Pears  by PeyLu

 It’s Raining Pears
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brynnkaly: Bill Traylor, Yellow chicken

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astrollinthewoods:  folk art // bill traylor

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Alphabet Art  S is for Silhouette  by PeyLu

S is for Silhouette

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One Custom Memory Heart - for Companion animal by 2ndHouse

Forever In My Heart 
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hardingmeyer: - _ - _ _

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moicxin: THE END.

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chicagosburning: CB 129:  Wong Kar-wai’s “In the Mood for...

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 Labour of Love - Photograph by PeyLu

Labour of Love
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 Alma  by PeyLu

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teaim: Taken from Woman’s Day Best Ideas For Christmas, 1974via...

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Vintage Decoy - Primitive Pintail Duck Decoy - Folky Decoy -...

 Primitive Pintail Duck Decoy 
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Alphabet Art Q is for Quackers  by PeyLu

Q is for Quackers 
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whyr: Sculptura Rocking Chairs - Designed by Russell Woodard.

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typeworship: The Neon Boneyard I was recently sent this...

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Let’s Fall In Love - Mixed Media Art - Wood Collage...

Let’s Fall In Love
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You Make My Heart Jump - Mixed Media Assemblage...

You Make My Heart Jump

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Alphabet Art  F is for Friendship  by PeyLu

F is for Friendship
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Alphabet Art  O is for Ownership  by PeyLu

O is for Ownership
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noirdelusion: RACHAEL by PAUL X JOHNSON

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Bewitched - Mixed Media Vintage Wood Collage  by FoundARTvision

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I Wish You Fig - Mixed Media Assemblage  by FoundARTvision

I Wish You Fig 
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lygophilia: Geminide night (by Børge Wahl)

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Alphabet Art  C is for Contemplation  by PeyLu

C is for Contemplation 
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Blue Serenade - Mixed Media Vintage Wood Collage...

Blue Serenade 
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Alphabet Art  K is for Knowing by PeyLu

K is for Knowing  
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Head Over Heels - Mixed Media Assemblage on Encaustic...

Head Over Heels 
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Pipe Smoking Jack Russell Portrait - Monty Magritte  by PeyLu

Monty Magritte 
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michelleviolyharper: DESIGN ICON: ANDREE PUTMAN Speaking of art...

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