#65, Bye Bye Birdie

Commemorating the annual Red-winged Black Birds' journey South.
Good bye, Moist and family.
Moist, the Alpha Male who glides to my palm for his shelled peanut every morning.
Hope to see you next spring, my friend.

#64, Rock, Paper, Scissors

Simple game, simple message, Save the Rhino, 
EFA July Charity.

#63, Rock Solid

Featuring EFA July charity of the month - Save the Rhino 
Thank you, Annette, for the title inspiration !
2 day run, 111 views, 246 clicks, 29 comments

#62, Blue Jean Confidential

Hot town, summer in the city.....
T-West, 2 day run, 40 views, 138 clicks, 19 comments

#61, The Colour Of Magic

& The Light Fantastic,
a final push for the EFA June Charity,
Thanks to Terry Pratchett for the titles
2 day run, 75 views, 176 clicks, 20 comments