#99, You Give Me Fever

A bit of Peggy Lee for a lovely Sunday afternoon !

#98, The Light Fantastic

Friday afternoon shadow play,
also known as Chiaroscuro;
the arrangement of light and dark elements in a pictorial work of art.

#97, Word of the Day......


1. Cheerfully optimistic or confident.

2. Having a healthy reddish color.

3. Blood-red.

#96, Splendorous

Works of Artisans Gallery Team and
Team Treasury International

#94, In The Year Twenty Ten

Feb. 2010
Here We Are,
Marking the auspicious inception of Artisans Gallery Team

#93, Connected By Nature

Amongst other things.....
Team Treasury + Annette

#92, Love to a stranger

Valentine's weekend challenge,
use only "new/ stranger" shops in the list.
Couldn't decide which to show, so here's both.