#35, Make Mine Etsy

Easter's no fun for a real bun, 
so make yours Etsy or Chocolate!
In support of the Make Mine Chocolate Campaign....
Although the campaign is particularly focused on the Easter period, 
the aim of Make Mine Chocolate is to spread the message of the plight 
of abandoned rabbits throughout the year, encouraging people 
to consider the needs and commitment involved in rabbit ownership.

#34, Dear Diary

Dear Diary, on Tuesday, as I was on my bike getting coffee,
I rode passed this orange bunny sitting by a clock in a log. 
I blinked and then I was on top of the roof holding a baby,
there were bunnies and bear all around me.
Wow, I thought, what next, a flying bunny in a jumper?

Oh, wait, was it all just
 a coffee deprived hallucination!

What's your take on this!?
( see comments for some very creative versions)
Thanks, everyone, I had great fun with this one.
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#33, Whose Turn Is It Anyway?

Life's a Party, let's play, just don't lose an eye!
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#32, It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Loses An Eye !

I say, have fun anyway!!
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#31, Synchronicity

Love Thy Animals - from start to end....
Muttville Treasury for EFA
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#30, Message In A Bottle

Love Thy Animals, from beginning till end.....
EFA treasury for Muttville
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#29, Word Play

Is Knowledge Power?
Or is it - the more you know, the less you understand!
Annette from Dragonhouseofyuen:
Knowledge is empowering perhaps!
and power without knowledge is dangerous !
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#28, Right As Rain

Everything is Alright.....
Happy Spring to Everyone
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#27, Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Winter, that is.
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#26, Spring Forward

The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving
Turn it back, turn it forward, good gracious, here we go again....
but on the bright side, we are inches away from spring......
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#25, Follow Your Bliss

Wherever it may lead you.
Consider the quote from Joseph Campbell:" If you follow your bliss, 
you put yourself on a track that has been there all the while, 
waiting for you........"
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#24, Green Vibrations

Repeat after me, harmony, balance and peace.....
Go ahead, soak up all that good vibes.
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